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Sustainability in practice

In its effort to reduce its environmental impact and attract guests who value sustainable practices, our Hotel is proud to announce its participation in the first energy community in Rhodes fully licensed to own and operate photovoltaic stations with 1000Kw capacity each. The first of these stations is already in operation and provides electrical power across Rhodes. This move makes Casino Rodos S.A. the first company in the whole Dodecanese to take such an important initiative and sets an outstanding example not only for the hospitality sector but also for the wider business community of the island.
The energy generated by this PV station is expected to cover 80% or more of the electrical consumption of the Hotel, the Casino and all their Food and Beverage outlets during the peak season through net metering. Furthermore, the expected overall benefit from the operation of this solar station is the avoidance of the use of 900 tons of standard coal per year and of the emission of at least 1000 tons of CO2 per year, which corresponds to 1500 trees planted every year. The Grande Albergo delle Rose showcases in practice its unconditional commitment to sustainability, contributing to mitigating climate change and ultimately leading to a greener future.