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How would one describe Rhodes?

The island of the knights, the emerald island, or the island of the sun? A fascinating blend of stunning nature with awe-inspiring buildings and landmarks? Perhaps it could all be summed up in one simple word: magic. This mysterious enchantment can be felt in the island’s luscious forests, on its golden beaches with their crystal-clear waters, on every street corner, and in every “medieval” alley, available for you to experience with one or more of our selected excursions below.

Medieval Rhodes &
the Jewish Quarter

Discover the secrets of Rhodes! Explore the Jewish and medieval heritage of Rhodes Old Town in our exclusive Medieval Rhodes & the Jewish Quarter tour. The Medieval City of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known throughout the world. Less well known, however, is the Jewish Quarter that once flourished within its walls. Our exclusive half-day tour, Medieval Rhodes and the Jewish Quarter, introduces you to the fascinating Jewish heritage of Rhodes Old Town, before taking you back in time to its medieval origins.

Full-day luxury cruises

Book a small cruise from Rhodes to some of Greece’s most breathtaking places such as the mesmerizing archaeological site of Lindos or the little picturesque island of Symi and live an experience you will forever treasure! Swim in the crystal-clear waters of secluded bays and get a different glimpse of the “Island of the Sun”!

Medieval walking
food tour

Get a taste of local life! Take a journey through the culture and flavours of Rhodes on our Medieval Town Walking Food Experience. Greece is paradise for food lovers. But Greek food also plays an integral role in local culture and daily life. So one of the best ways to really get to know the country is by exploring its culinary heritage. The strategic position of our island, Rhodes, has led to a variety of invaders and colonisers throughout its history, all of which have left a unique and delicious legacy in Rhodian food.

Filerimos and
Valley of Butterflies

With its landmark walkways, its famous ancient road leading to an impressive Acropolis and the remnants of the temple of Zeus and Athena, Filerimos is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking sights in Rhodes. Combine it with the renowned and verdant Valley of the Butterflies in this half-day tour and live an unforgettable experience.

Wine Tasting tour and Romantic Sunset at Monolithos castle

Join our winetasting tour in Rhodes island and combine it with a romantic sunset in Monolithos. Sunsets are with no doubt romantic by themselves, but you can also see them as an adventure. How the colors seen in the sky are yellow to orange red and how this sun will remain memorable for ever!

Scuba Diving

Combine the crystal clear water and fascinating marine life below the surface with the natural beauty of the scenery above, add the warm and friendly Greek hospitality and once visited you will always return to the Waterhoppers Diving School and Rhodes.
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